Not For Sale Netherlands

Not For Sale Netherlands is part of an international organisation of social enterprises which works in the fight against human trafficking.

Professional culinary training is offered to survivors of human trafficking in Amsterdam. Not For Sale Netherlands works alongside the Regional Opleidings Centrum (ROC Culinary school) in Amsterdam to coordinate and provide culinary training programmes to victims of human trafficking.

There are up to four phases of training which a participant may progress through:

  1. Trainees are taught to prepare soup that is sold to women working in the brothels of the surrounding Red Light District.
  2. Hygiene and Cleaning training module
  3. Kitchen techniques and preparation module
  4. BBL traject (Student hospitality training placement)

During their culinary internships, survivors gain valuable job and life skills that will help them find dignified employment in their home countries. After the women graduate from the culinary training, Not For Sale works to place them in jobs or paid internships throughout Amsterdam.


  • Coaching and mentoring to victims of human trafficking
  • Involvement in the development of the culinary training programme
  • Implementation of the culinary training programme
  • Ordering and supplier relationships
  • Product cost analysis and engineering
  • Foodservice and product development for street outreach programme