Amazing microgreens!

We love Microgreens! This is about 1/3 of a crop of micro cress & rocket I planted only 10 days ago. The following instructions apply to fine microgreen seeds; the method can differ somewhat with larger seeds.

These cress & rocket seeds are termed “glutinous” as they swell to a jelly-like consistency when water is added (much like chia seeds). For this reason, they are not ideal for sprouting in jars as they just swell and become sticky. They are however great when grown on a planting medium as a microgreen.

Growing microgreens is really very easy; first I lay down a fine seed raising mix approximately 1-2 cm deep on a tray. The water catchers which you place under your plantpots can be great to use for this purpose. I dampened the soil with tap water and sprinkled the seeds liberally on top (I like a bit of bang for my buck, so I grow mine quite densely: scatter seeds so that you can barely see through to the soil). These small microgreens are fine to be planted so close together because they end up holding each other up and you get a nice big yield for your invested time.

Once you have put your seeds to the soil, do not put any soil on top. The seeds are so fine that there is no need to cover them. Place your seed trays in a cool, dark place and cover (I did mine under the house for 2 days, covered with a sheet of newspaper). After a few days the seeds will germinate and grow upwards where they will start to lift the paper off themselves. You can remove the paper at this stage and grow for a further day in the dark to ensure all seeds have sprouted. Mist or sprinkle with water every 1-2 days or so.

After the seeds have germinated, put into an area with light, (but not in the full sun). Allow to grow for another 6-7 days, or until the greens have reached the desired height (I grew mine until they were about 10cm high).

Cut the greens off close to the soil and remove any dirt or debris. Use for garnishing, sandwiches & salads or simply eat them on their own. Enjoy!