Welcome to the Foodie’s Wardrobe! This is a collection of tasty morsels & nutritional tidbits from my work as a Chef & Dietitian. Day to day I work as a freelancer providing:

  • Nutrition consultancy services
  • Food photography
  • Professional kitchen operations advising
  • Start up hospitality consultancy services
  • Culinary training to individuals & groups
  • Menu development & engineering to businesses
  • Concept Development
  • Kitchen Design consultancy


On the side of my restaurant contracts I locum as a Clinical Dietitian in the UK.  I love sharing my favourite recipes and passion for cooking with those around me. The most important food philosophy for me is to cook from scratch; to do away with highly processed and packaged foods and enjoy food in its natural form. I always choose free-range eggs and meat and ensure my food is ethically sourced. I love encouraging others to get growing and appreciating fresh fruit and vegetables.

As a Dietitian I often get asked what sort of diet I follow. To be honest… none! I eat everything in moderation which can seem like a boring thing to say but I feel that the true depth of the word is often unappreciated. It is so important to have a healthy relationship with food and nutrition! We need to lose the guilt we associate with certain foods; instead, we should savour the flavours, textures and scents/aromas when we eat and this will ensure balance. Take time to be relaxed and be mindful when you eat. Reduce the stress in your life. Make lifestyle changes for a healthier you!



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